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A Movement Choir
Ein Bewegungschor

Dance of All at Tanzkongress,  Düsseldorf, Photograph by Anja Beulter

Can the individual gesture, which succumbs to mechanization, 

be developed into collective gesture? 

8 September, 12 am, Berlin, Academy of the Arts (West), Hanseatenweg

Schafft zwei, drei, viele Gänge 
(German version only) 

What a nightmare: In the middle of the city there is a city, which is not made out of stones, but of flesh and bones. 

8 September, 1, 3, 5, 7 pm, Gängeviertel Hamburg, Valentinskamp 34

LIGNA / Stephan A. Stereff / Emilian Gatsov:

Nonument. A performative Approach to Buzludzha

The „House of Communism“ Buzludzha on the peak of a mountain is a contested monument. Deteriorating since 1992 it became a site for explorers and graffiti artists as well as it is still a destination for the yearly commemoration of the founding of the communist party. What has to be done with this ruin? How could we approach it’s ambivalent history? Some propose to transform it into another national icon, others want just to blow it up.

LIGNA looks for a different approach and proposes a collective agency, a series of gestures and excercises to find a new relation to this stranded space ship and to rethink its phantasies as well as possibilites.

In the frame of the 24. GabrovoBiennial and of the platform

Buzludzha, 14 September, 2:00 pm
(english and bulgarian version) 

 Klasse Kinder! (German Video)
(photographed by Hanke Wilsmann, design by Johannes Koether) 

A headphones dance piece for children dealing with the possibilities of a collective without a leader - following the work of Jenny Gertz (1891–1966), a pioneer of modern dance and the choreographic work with children. 

12 September Offenbach

 Rapture and Rage. Studies in the authoritarian character. (Video)

(photographed by Jörg Baumann)

Go join the authoritarian rebellion! National rebirth instead of queer decadence! Heroic deeds instead of lazy scum! In Europe, political parties propagating fascist forms of government are gaining ground everywhere or, as in Hungary and Austria, already in power. Why is the promise of democratic societies losing its appeal? Why authoritarian leadership seems to appear as a solution? Which desire is connected to fascism?

Together with the Bulgarian artists Stephan Shtereff and Emilian Gatsov LIGNA investigates where the attraction of fascism comes from. By allowing the audience themselves to conquer the stage and become central protagonists of the event, the performance reenacts forgotten historical constellations, explores group movements and poses the question of agency .

Zoom Festival, Rijeka
25 and 26 October 2019

(croatian and english version) 

Unidram Festival, Potsdam 
01 and 02 November 2019 
(german and english version)