About Ligna/ Über Ligna


LIGNA consists of the media- and performance artists Ole Frahm, Michael Hüners and Torsten Michaelsen. Since 2002 their work devotes itself to creating temporary situations, that employ their audience as a collective of producers – an association that can produce unforseeable, uncontrollable effects which challenge the regulation of a space.

 One of LIGNA´s models of media usage, the RadioBallet (invented in 2002), provides radio listeners with a choreography of excluded and forbidden gestures in formerly public, now controlled spaces like train stations or shopping malls. Others like The new Man (2008) or Oedipus (2011) question the space of theatre itself as an apparatus that shapes subjectivity.  More recent works like Secret Radio (2014) or The Great Refusal invite the participants to stage a complex interaction in public space or on stage, which discloses itself to them only gradually.
In 2017 LIGNA received the George Tabori price, the most important award in the german free theatre scene.