Interventionist Counter Public, Part 2

Intervention done by Ligna as a contribution to the Radio Days Project at De Appel in Amsterdam 2005. Two people made live reportages out of two different shopping malls in the inner city of Amsterdam by simply using their mobile phones. Both shared the same public space of radio. At the end of the reportage both laid down on the ground, still reporting live on air about whatever happened. 

"A simple, short example: in a privatized public space like a shopping mall it is forbidden to lie on the floor. So why not produce a live report how it feels to lie on a cleaned floor in such a controlled space? Our reporter lies there talking live in his mobile phone, which transmitts the reportage to the radio studio. For sure after a while security passes by, telling him to move. A discussion begins about the behaviour in this space. It will be on air." 

"During this discussion other performers with ghettoblasters that receive the radio program stroll through the shopping mall. A specific echo of dispersed sound will be produced. Immediatly the whole shopping mall – the security guard included - can listen to the discussion." 

"The ghetto blaster could be disguised by a plastic bag – so that the situation would become more uncanny: the sound is there but nobody knows where it comes from. This constellation is not only funny – it tries to find out how the different public spaces of radio and street/place are related to each other and how an interference between them can be produced. It gives a situation, the expulsion of somebody from a certain place, which is usually happening largely unnoticed, a broader public, which has direct influence on the situation."

"Radio Alice from Bolognia stated in the 70ties that radio is a dirty medium. Public spaces become cleaner these days. Interventionist counter public brings back all the dirt that is excluded right now."