The previous Dispersion. Acollective Production.

 Three radio transmitters broadcast three different programs for one room: the former weaving hall of the derelict blanket factory Scheltemain Leiden (Netherlands), now an art space. The visitors of the exhibition are equipped with portable radios and headphones. Each one can listen to one of the programs. One on the stations broadcasts a program on the history of the factory and its horrible working conditions. Another one reminds its listeners of the previous accumulation, the beginning of capitalism and the important role textile production played in it. Athird program deals with the current situation of the (art) space. 

The participants do not know, what the others are hearing. The programs ask them to perform small gestures, that differ slightly from those of the others - until everybody is involved in a collective production. Making use of wool spools, that are spread out everywhere in the room, they commence with a project, that was already begun before they were there: drawing red threads all through the space. With every performance the fabric of threads gets tighter. After a week with several performances each day it is nearly impenetrable. With every move they make, the visitors change the space and the way it can be experienced.